Puppy Obedience Training


Teaching Puppy Obedience

Teaching puppy to become obedient should be no different to a responsible parent teaching their children right from wrong. Encouraging puppy’s good behaviour with praise and correcting unwanted behaviour is easily administered if puppy can interpret our sounds and actions.

By using happy sounds puppy will assume we enjoy what it is doing. Is this not how we would reward a toddler to encourage good behaviour. Likewise when puppy misbehaves we need to correct it with ‘negative sounds’.

Providing we are consistent in the way we communicate with puppy the quicker puppy will learn our rules.

I offer 1-2-1 personal puppy training at your home or my dog training club.

I will teach you how dogs learn - how to communicate with dogs - dog sounds and body language.

I will teach puppy to sit - lie down - stay - come each time it’s called - all to first time commands.

Walk on the lead without pulling - fetch items - give up items to you.

My unique training methods are successful with

even the most demanding or difficult dogs

Mike Gilmore ACFBA MGODT

Master Dog Trainer

Professional Dog Behaviour Practitioner

Qualified withThe Canine and Feline Behaviour Association and The Guild of Dog Trainers


For most puppies the first eight weeks of their lives is spent in the litter. They are born with basic instincts to enable them to exist and procreate. One of the first behaviours they learn is to interact and play with their litter mates. By jumping onto and
nipping them helps establish the dogs into most dominant through to most submissive temperaments. However if things get out of hand their mother will step in and correct the aggressor with a growl and nip.The

puppies generally find how far they can go before mum reacts. Puppies born in their natural environment (wild state) will eventually enter outside the litter to mix with the older pack members. Should a puppy take liberties breaking the pack rules a senior dog would swiftly correct them. Enforcing the pack rules maintains balance and harmony.

When a puppy enters our family we need to set out our house rules and ensure they are always applied. Should puppy transgress we need to correct it.


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